Irish-American Family Histories D - H

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Irish-American Family Histories D - H

* De POLLOCK, POLLOK, POLK: Robert De Pollock Family of Ireland
   b. 1569; grandson Robert Bruce Pollok (Polk) b. Donegal, 1640, mar. Magdeline Tasker; d. Somerset, Maryland; computer generated
   By William Roger Gillem (Cincinnati, Ohio, 1997) - FHB

* De SOUCHE, De ZOUCHE: The De Souche, or De Zouche, Family

   Claude de Souche of Poitou, with his wife, four children, a brother and 9 other persons fled 1702 and settled in Dublin; descendants emigrated to America; extract from 'Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of London', Vol II
   By John James De Zouche Marshall, L.S.C.S.I. (London, 1889) - IA

* DAILEY, TALTY: Daily Family, Talty Family Pedigree
   Eugene Owen Dailey of Drumcollogher, Co. Limerick; Michael Talty came to Canada in 1847
   Related families: Sullivan, Galvin, Lawler, Mahony, Doherty, Burke, Howard, Kane, Whalen
   By Richard Patrick Langan (USA, 2010?) - FHB

* DAILY: History of the Daily Family
   In America ... traced through the Gates family
   By William Allen Daily (Indianapolis, 1909) - IA

* DALEY: A History of the Daley Family
   Henry Daley born Belfast 1825
   By Don Morris (USA, 2009?) - FHB

* DAVIDSON: Ancestral History of Robert James Davidson...

   of Camden Township and Oberlin Lorain County, Ohio
   By Dr. Robert Walter Oliphant (Westford, Maryland, 1980) - FHB

* DAUGHERTY: Kincaid Genealogy
   A Scots-Irish family
   By G. L. Kincaid (Sardinia, Ohio, 1922) - IA

* DAVIS: Davis - Enness Folks

   James Martin Davis, b. Ireland, m. Catherine Enness of Irish descent
   By Elsie Spry Davis (Coronado, California, 1987) - FHB

* DAVIS: The Davis Family

   ...our common ancestor, Samuel Davis, was born near Drumquin, in County Tyrone, Ireland, in the year 1669...
   By Thomas Kirby Davis (Norwood, Massachusetts, 1912) - OL

* DAWE: Dawe Genealogy

   Thomas Dawe, b. Co. Louth, 1817; mar. Mary Cunningham 1844; emigrated to Massachusetts 1848
   Related families: Rice, Murphy, Lane, Fleming, Riordan, O'Towle, O'Toole, Rourke
   By Eileen Murphy Hartman; Kay Bogart (Newark, Delaware, 2011) - FHB

* DAWE, SHAEN: Family Stories

   the author is daughter of Robert Shaen Dawe; extensive detail on the Farrell/Shaen tribes in Ireland
   By Dorothy Shaen Miller (2000) - FHB

* DAWSON: A Collection of Family Records... bearing the name Dawson

   - Family of Henry Dawson of Long Island, native of Dublin
   - Families of James and Thomas Dawson of New York City, born Corlea, Co. Donegal
   - Family of Robert Dawson of Philadelphia emigrated from Ireland
   - Family of Elias Dawson and Elizabeth Morton of Philadelphia, married at the Grange meeting, Charlemont, Co. Armagh
   - Family of James Dawson, Pennsylvania, emigrated from north of Ireland
   - Family of William Dawson, Pennsylvania, native of Dromore, Co. Down
   etc., many more Irish born persons mentioned
   By Charles C. Dawson (Albany, N.Y. 1874) - OL


  - The Delafields and the Empire
     Some mention of Delafield in Ireland. The Ancestor No XI
     By Osward Barron (London, 1904) - IA
   - Delafield Family
     Richard de la ffeld received large grants of land in Ireland from King John in 1201; Descendants lived in England and United States
     By John Ross Delafield (USA, 1913) - FHB
   - Delafield Family History - Vol I - Vol II
     Anglo Norman family to 1100 A.D. in Ireland; related families in England, France and a few in the USA
     By John Ross Delafield (Privately Printed, 200 copies, New York, 1945) - FHB

* DENNISTON, DENNISON: A Record of the Descendants of Ezekial Denniston

   son of Charles Denniston, the emigrant ancestor from Ireland settled 1773 Mariaville, New York
   By Gerda Dennison DeForest (Warren, Pennsylvania, 1912) - FHB

* DESMORAN Family Monographs - The History of 24 Families in Middle West Side of New York City

   Cornelius Desmoran of north of Ireland went to New York with his wife
   By Elsa G. Herzfeld (New York, 1905) - OL

* DEXTER: Dexter Genealogy

   1642 - 1904; Richard Dexter came from within 10 miles of Slane, Co. Meath, settled Boston
   By Orrando Perry Dexter, M.A., Oxon. (New York, 1904) - OL

* DIVINE: History of the Devine Family

   Eamon Rue Devine lived Dunfanaghy or Rossgull, Co. Donegal, abt. 1760; James M. Divine, b. Montana 190?
   Compiled by Thomas Edward Divine (New York, 1998) - website

* DICKEY: Genealogy of the Dickey Family
   By John Dickey (Reprint - Worcester, Massachusetts, 1898) - GB

* DICKSON: Dickson of Ireland and North Carolina
   Volume Four; Manuscript Seventy Six of the Travers - Dorgan Genealogies
   By Douglas N. Travers (San Antonio, Texas, digital 1996) - FHB

* DILLON: Ancestral Record of the Dillion, Hodgson, Fisher and Leonard Families

   the Dillon family we trace to one Luke Dillon who married Susan Garrett. They came from Ireland, first landing on the Nantucket Island, and from there to Virginia
   By Isaiah Dillon (Normal, Illinois, 1909) - OL

* DILLON: Conquest

   A story about Peter Dillon, b. abt. 1754 (Ireland?)
   By Henry S. Dillon and P. Matthew Sutko (Lincoln, California, 2008) - FHB

* DILLON: The Dillon Family

   Luke Dillon, b. Armagh; eloped and m. Suzannah Garrett; settled in Nantucket, Massachusett
   By Bill Putman (Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, 21st century) - Website

* DINSMOOR, DINSMORE: Among the Scotch-Irish
   With a History of the Dinsmoor, Dinsmore Family of Scotland, Ireland and America; also Statistics Concerning the McKean and Bell Families
   By Leonard Allison Morrison (Lowell, Massachusetts, 1891) - OL


   - Golden Wedding and the Dinsmore Genealogy 1620 to 1865
     John Dinsmore left home in Achenwead, Scotland and settled Bellywatick, Co. Antrim; his descendants settled in Maine and then New Hampshire
     By John Dinsmore (Augusta, 1867) - OL
   - Some Dinsmore Genealogy
     descendants of Capt. Abel Dinsmore, Conway Massachusetts; no mention of Ireland, but clearly the same family as above
     By Charles C. Whitney (Printed privately, New York, 1896) - OL

* DINWIDDIE: Genealogical Records of the Dinwiddie Clan of North-Western Indiana

   David Dinwiddie was b. Ulster; emigrated abt. 1741
   By Timothy Horton Ball (Crown Point, Indiana, 1902) - OL

* DISNEY: A Story of Disneys - Some Myths Exploded

   Being a Chronicle of the early Disneys of Lincolnshire, of those who crossed over to Ireland and of those who subsequently emigrated from there to the United States and Canada
   By Edward Disney with considerable help from Twila Beck and Hugh Disney (USA? 1997) - FHB

* DIXON: Dixon of Dixon's Ford

   James Dixon, a native of the north of Ireland emigrated to America abt. 1735; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL

* DIXON: Kith and Kin

   Genealogical Data of (various) Families
   By Willis Milnor Dixon (Los Angeles, 1922) - OL

* DODD: Dodd Diggings Vols 27, 28, 29

   Newsletter listing Dodds who immigrated
   By Avlyn Dodd Conley (Glen Burnie, Maryland, 1986) - FHB

* DODDS: Descendants of James Dodds, Weaver
   of County Down; Scotch-Irish families who settled in Pennsylvania; ten generations in America
   By Molly Dodds Shroyer, Dianne Dodds Knipp (USA, 1997) - FHB

* DONAHOE, DONOHOE, DONOHUE, O'DONAHOE, O'DONOHOE: The First Donahoe Families in Fort Smith, Arkansas - 1848

   James Donahoe mar. Mary McNamee abt 1841 in Ireland; 11 children; emigrated 1847
   By Lorita J. 'Bitsy' Franz-Cates (USA, 2001) - FHB

* DONALDSON: Descendants of David Donaldson of Glasgow and Northern Ireland

   b. Ireland circa 1808
   By Ralph Eugene Van Pelt (Minneapolis, 1998) - FHB


   - Dungan-Cannady
     1470 John Dongan, fishmonger, Baliff, Dublin. Family emigrated first to London 1500's then to Rhode Island in 1600's
     Related families: Dongan, Walsh
     By Bruce Barnes Cannady (USA, 2006) - FHB
   - John Dongan of Dublin
     An Elizabethan Gentleman and His Family; descendants in USA, Ireland, elsewhere
     By Thomas P. Dungan (Baltimore, 1996) - FHB

* DONELLY: Family Monographs - The History of 24 Families in Middle West Side of New York City

   Bridget Donelly, b. Co. Tyrone, 1856, dau. of Patrick Donelly; m. Martin O'Brien, farmer's son
   By Elsa G. Herzfeld (New York, 1905) - OL

* DORAN: Descendants of the Walsh-Dorans of Ireland and Rock County, Wisconsin
   Richard "Michael" Doran b. Ireland abt. 1830; m. Eleanor "Ellen" Walsh
   By Carol Doran Barlow (Roseville, California, 2000) - FHB

* DOROUGH, DORROUGH: Descendants of Abner B. Dorough

   b. Dublin, 1680, emigrated bef. 1704; 10 children; d. James City County, Virginia, 1720
   By Thomas Absalom Dorrough, Jr. (Friendswood, Texas, revised 1997) - FHB

* DORRIS: LillieMae Allie Cleveland - Related Families

   William Dorris, b. Co. Down, abt 1705; d. Orange Co. North Carolina abt. 1795; mar. Mary Roake abt. 1730; 13 children
   By Reba Faye Ernestene (Lame) Long (USA, 2011) - FHB


   descendants of John O'Doughertay, b. Co. Donegal, 1805; m. Mary McDermott; emigrated 1850's
   By Richard Bryan Dougherty (USA, 1995, 1997) - FHB

* DOUGLASS: Genealogy of the Family of Douglass

   Domini Douglass b. Belfast; m. at New Milford, Connecticut
   By Larry Matthew Wilson (Kansas City, Missouri, 1994) - FHB

* DOWNING: Genealogy of the Downing Family... 1509 to 1901
   England, Ireland, United States
   By W. C. Downing (50 copies for private distribution, Philadelphia, 1901) - HT


   - The Doyle Family
     Peter Doyle was born in Carlow County, landed in America 1848
     By Unknown (USA, abt. 1980) - FHB
   - The Doyle Family, Past and Present
     Doylesburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania 1737 - 1999
     By Lonnie G. Doyle (Fayetteville, Pennsylvania, 1999) - FHB
   - Masie's Memoirs
     related families Cody, Brannan or Brennan
     By Mary Sloan Lierow (Morro Bay, California, 1997) - FHB

* DRAPER, DREAPER: The Drapers of Ireland in America

   American Drapers descend from Richard Draper or Dreaper of Kilkenny and Monegall, Kings County, who mar. Miss Sheppard, 8 children; extract from 'The Drapers in America being a History and Genealogy...'
   By Thomas Waln-Morgan Draper, C.E.; M.E. (New York, 1892) - OL

* DREW: The Drews of Dromlohan, Kilcornan, Co. Limerick

   Drew families in Ireland, Australia and USA
   By Carol Baxter (St. Ives, New South Wales, 1996) - FHB

* DUANE: see Carey

* DUGGAN: Duggan Descendants

   William Duggan, b. Ulster, abt. 1660; his son John Duggan, b. abt. 1690 and d. Bertie County, North Carolina 1754
   By Robert S. Duggan, Jr. (USA, 2002) - FHB

* DUNCAN: Ancestry and Descendants of Chapman Duncan
   By the time Geroge and Margaret Cross Duncan and their children arrived in New Hampshire the community of Londonderry [New Hampshire] was well established
   By Eldon P. Morrell (Grandson), Irene V. Deeben (Great Granddaughter) (USA, 1991) - FHB

 The Dunlap Family - Vol I of II - Vol II of II
   Archibald Dunlap, b. Ireland, 1713, mar. Martha Neal, Chester, New Hampshire, 1741
   By Mary Elizabeth (Sullivan) Achterhof (USA, 2005) - FHB

* DUNLAP: The Genealogy of the Families of Gallemore... McAnulty...MacFarland and Dunlap

   from 87 years B.C. to 1922 A.D.
   By Esther Caroline Gallemore (Hannibal, Missouri, 1922) - OL

* DUNLEVY: Clarence Martin Dunlevy - His Ancestors and Descendants

   emigrated from Co. Tyrone circa 1770
   By Mildred Marie Dunlevy DeSmidt (Des Moines, Iowa, 1989) - FHB

* DUNLEVY: A Genealogical Record of Anthony Dunlevy III

   and his Decendents
   By Lucy Dunlevy Keneagy (Chicago, 1922) - OL

* DUNN: Dunn Family

   from 'Maxwell History and Genealogy'; James Dunn, b. Co. Down, m. abt. 1749, Martha Long; came to the Colonies abt. 1762
   By Florence Wilson Houston, Laura Cowan Blaine, Ella Dunn Mellette (Indianapolis, 1916) - OL

* DUNN: Dunn: a Family History circa 1810 - 2001

   Some descendants of Martin Joseph Dunn, tailor from Dublin, in England; USA
   By June A. Noble (USA, 2001) - FHB

* DINWIDDIE, DUNWOODY, DUNWOODIE: Genealogical Records of the Dinwiddie Clan of North-Western Indiana

   David Dinwiddie, b. Ulster, 1724 emigrated abt.1740
   By T. H. Ball (Crown Point, Indiana, 1902) - OL

* DUNWOODY: Dunwoody and Hood Families

   and their Collateral Branches
   By Gilbert Cope (Minneapolis, 1899) - HT

* DYER: Dyer Descendants and Related Families

   David Dyer and his older brother, Jim, were Orangemen of County Cork, Ireland
   By Mary Jo Burroughs (West Plains, Missouri, 1984) - FHB


* EAGAR: A Window to our Past: a look back through our Eagar heritage
   emigrated from county Kerry to USA
   By Ann Curfew Eagar and Ireta Eagar Irvine (Wrightwood, California, 1999) - FHB

* EARLEY: Thomas Earley, Sr. and Jane Braden and their Descendants

   Thomas Earley b. Ireland abt. 1776; m. Jane Braden abt. 1796; 12 children; emigrated abt. 1798 settled in Pennyslvania
   By Miriam Earley Cady (Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, 2004) - FHB

* EARLY: A History of the Family of Early in America
   ...Jeremiah Early, who came from the County of Donegal...
   By Samuel Stockwell Early (Albany, N.Y., 1896) - OL

* EATON: Descendants of John Eaton who became a Citizen of Ireland
   extract from 'History, Genealogical and Biographical, of the Eaton Families'
   By Nellie Zada Rice Molyneux (Syracuse, New York, 1911) - OL

* EGAN: A Family History - The Kellys and the Egans

   originally from Fuerty, Co. Roscommon
   By Patricia J. Zervic (USA, late 20th century) - Website

* ELDER: Elder Family

   Robert Elder, b. Scotland, abt. 1679 emigrated for Lough Neagh, Co. Antrim abt. 1730, locating in Paxtang township; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL

* ELLIOTT: Captain Samuel Elliot, Licking County Pioneer

   and Descendants. Capt. Elliott was born near Ballymena, 1751
   By Mariam Parr Hopiak (Palo Alto, California, digital 2010) - FHB

* ELLIS: Biographical sketches of Richard Ellis and his Descendants

   The First Settler of Ashfield, Massachusetts
   By E. R. Ellis, M.D. (Detroit, 1888) - OL

   - Emmet of Ireland, and America in: Addenda O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees Vol II

* ENNESS: Davis - Enness Folks
   James Martin Davis, b. Ireland, m. Catherine Enness of Irish descent
   By Elsie Spry Davis (Coronado, California, 1987) - FHB

* ENNIS: The Smith Family and their Connecting Lines of Ennis...

   John Ennis, b. Athlone, Co. Westmeath, 1710
   By Carol Jo (Cunningham) Roush; Ralph Veerdain Packwood (no details) - FHB

* ERWIN, IRVINE: From Whence They Came

   James N. Erwin or Irvine immigrated to Ulster from Scotland; m. Agnes Patterson abt. 1738; d. Rowan County, North Carolina
   By Juanita Margarette Erwin Kemsley (USA, late 20th century?) - FHB

* ESPY: Espy Family

   George Espy m. Jean Taylor in Ireland; settled abt. 1729 in Derry township, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL

* ESPY: History and Genealogy of the Espy Family in America

   By Florence Mercy Espy (Fort Madison, Iowa, 1905) - HT

* EVANS: Descendants of John Evans Sr. and Ellen DeVerdon

   b. Carmarthenshire, Wales, settled Limerick, Ireland; descendant settled in Limerick, Philadelphia; descendants in Ireland, Pennsylvania and Ohio
   Related families: Evans, Hillis, McQuade, Mateer 
   By Miriam Reyburn-Steele (USA, 2006) - FHB

* EVANS: Evans Whiting Davis

   of Scotch-Irish origin
   By Unknown author (Philadelphia, 1922) - OL

* EVANS: Family Monographs - The History of 24 Families in Middle West Side of New York City

   George Evans, b. northern Ireland, 1858 of Welsh-Irish parents; m. Mary Fowler, b. Ireland 1875
   By Elsa G. Herzfeld (New York, 1905) - OL

* EWING: Alexander Ewing (1676/7 - 1738) and Descendants

   born in Ulster, died Cecil County, Maryland
   By James R. McMichael (Spring, Texas, 1999) - FHB

* EWING: Ewing Families

   By Joseph Lyons Ewing (Stratford, New Jersey, 1910) - OL

* EWING: The Ewing Genealogy with Cognate Branches

   A Survey of the Ewings and Their Kin in America
   By Presley Kittredge Ewing and Mary Ellen (Williams) Ewing (USA, 1919) - OL

* EWING: John Ewing - Immigrant from Ireland

   History and Genealogy of the Ewing Family 1660 - 1974
   By Sara Ewing Myers (USA, 1975) - FHB

* EWING: A record of the Families of Robert Patterson (the elder)
   By William E. Du Bois (Philadelphia, 1847) - OL

   540 Descendants in Canada and USA
   also the Descendants of:
   Michael Brett and Ann Scully - 43 descendants in USA
   John Sweeney and Mary Dineen - 436 descendants in Australia, England, Ireland, Venezuela, USA
   Martin Fahy and Mary Morrissey - 102 descendants in Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, USA
   Bryan Fahy and Margaret - 500 descendants in England, Ireland, Philippines, West Germany, USA
   Philip Fahy and Bridget Cunnane - 78 descendants in England, Ireland, USA
   James Fahey and Margaret Costelloe - 128 descendants in Ireland, USA
   By Verne Raymond Spear (Edition limited to 1600 copies, West Hawley, Massachusetts, 1984) - FHB Note: LARGE FILE!

* FAHY: The Fahys of the Pond
   Roger Fahy b. abt. 1812, and Nora Whelan Fahy, Rine Burren, Co. Clare; descendants in Ireland, USA
   By Kathleen Fay Field (Des Moines, Washington, 1988) - FHB

* FAIRSERVICE: A History of Fairservice Families from Scotland

   some with Irish connections who emigrated to Canada, USA, etc.
   By Robin A. Fairservice, B.Sc., P.Eng., F.I.C.E. (British Columbia, 2000) - FHB

* FALLIS: Fallis Family Genealogy 1658 - 1960

   The first known Fallis, glass manufacturer in Dublin, presided over an illegal meeting of manufacturers and was executed 1689; his son Thomas Fallis, Quaker, emigrated that year with his wife to Philadelphia where his son George Fallis was born
   By Watt L Fallis (USA, 1960) - FHB

* FANNIN: Memoirs of the Fort and Fannin Families

   James Fannin of Irish descent, b. 1739; settled in N. or S. Carolina
   By Kate Haynes Fort (Chattanooga, 1903) - OL

   In Ireland and America
   By Walter Frederic Brooks (Worcester, Massachusetts, 1905) - IA

* FEATHERS: Index to the Descendants of John Feathers
   who came from Ireland and settled in Albemarle County, Virginia; 5 children
   By Omer Cox Feathers (Johnson City, Tennessee, 1954) - FHB

* FELTIS, FELTES, FELTUS: Feltis, Feltes, Feltus
   Several families with variants of this surname in Ireland and America
   By Richard D. Feltis (USA, 2000) - FHB

   Containing a Biographical Sketch of The Rev. Henry James Feltus, D.D. (of Carlow)
   By Rev. George Haws Feltus, M.A. (printed privately, New York City, 1917) - HT

* FENNELL: The Fennells of Manister, Co. Limerick
   John Fennell, b. Co. Limerick, 1781; mar. Hanora Quain, emigrated from to New Brunswick, 1840; descendants in Canada, USA
   By Paul D. Fennell (Limited to 200 copies, Baltimore, Maryland, 2000) - FHB

* FENTON: The Fenton Family of America and Great Britain

   William Fenton, of Scots lineage, emigrated from Ulster 1718 to Boston, Massachusetts
   By Thomas Astley Atkins, LL.B. (Yonkers, New York, 1912) - OL


   Letter addressed to Roger Fenwick, Little Isle, Skibbereen
   giving details of family history; quoted in an Appendix to 'The Life and Services of Commodore Josiah Tattnall' by Charles C. Jones, Jr. (Savanah, 1878)
   From Edward Fenwick (London, 1726) - OL
   Hon. John Fenwick
   a continuation of the above family history adding the marriages from the family record in America; extract from The Tattnall and Fenwick Families in S.C. 'The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine' Vol XIV No. 1
   By D. E. Huger Smith (Charlestown, 1913) - OL

* FERGUSON: Ferguson of Hanover

   William and Margaret Ferguson, natives of the north of Ireland, emigrated to America abt. 1740; settled in Hanover, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL

* FERGUSON: Ferguson Genealogy

   Descendants of Henry Ferguson, Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal, b. abt. 1738; m. Margaret Addison abt. 1740; d. Pennsylvania, 1795
   By Neil S. Ferguson (USA, 2010) - Website

* FIFE: The Descendants of John and William Fife of Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania
   b. Fifeshire, Scotland emigrated first to County Tyrone; see Appendix for descendants of Matthew Fife of Castletown, Strabane, Co. Tyrone
   By Joseph Vance (Chester, Pennsylvania, 1960, 1978) - FHB

  of Scottish and north of Ireland origin; James Findley, manufacturer of wool, bapt. St. Andrew's Inchervie, Co. Antrim 1697
   By Mrs. Robert A. Hughes (St. Louis, Missouri? 1972?) - IA

* FISHER: The Fisher Family
   Extract from 'Our Family Ancestors'; Joseph Fisher, his wife Elizabeth late of Stillorgin near Dublin came to Pennsylvania 1683
   By Thomas Maxwell Potts (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, 1895) - OL

* FitzGERALD, GERALD: The FitzGerald Family
   Settler in Boscawen. Section from Corser Family in America
   By Samuel Bartlett Gerrish Corser (Londonderry, New Hampshire, 1902) - OL

* FITZGERALD: Family Notes
   1. Colonial descent; 2. Irish descent (of Turlough, County Mayo); 3. English descent, etc.
   By Desmond Fitzgerald (privately printed 75 copies, Boston, 1911) - OL

* FITZGERALD: Fitzgeralds from the Shannon to Fifth Creek
   By Bernard Ray Fitzgerald (USA, 1990's?) - FHB

* FITZGERALD: Leaves from the Chancellor - Fitzgerald - Cooper - Edwards Tree
   Planted in America by Capt. Richard Chancellor 1682; Catherine Fitzgerald, only child of Edmond Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin, kidnapped and sent to America
   Gathered by C. W. Chancellor, M.D., United States Consul (Havre, France, 1895) - OL

   of the Michael Fitzgerald (b. Drangan, Co. Tipperary, m. Mary Whelan) Families of Freeborn County, Minnesota and the Ed Fitzgerald Family of Perkins County, South Dakota
   By Waverly Fitzgerald (Seattle, 1997) - FHB

   Related families: Flanagan (Cavan), Fox, Donlon? Carew? Handley, Fitzpatrick (Cavan), Fahey (Roscommon or Longford), Mulvihill (Longford)
   By Joanne M. Stevens (Meridian, Idaho, 2000, 2007) - FHB

   John Fleharty came to America in the year 1702 from Galway
   By George Fleharty (Pleasanton, Nebraska, 1920) - OL

* FLEMING: Family Genealogy
   By Publius B. Lawson, L.L.B., (Menasha, Wisconsin, 1903) - OL'Book Notice' of this book in the New Hampshire Genealogical Record Vol II 1904 - 1905

* FLEMING: Fleming Family
   Robert Fleming, b. Argylshire, Scotland, m. Jane Jackson in Ulster, Ireland; settled near Flemington, Chester county, Pennsylvania; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL

* FLINN: The Flinns of 'Auld Ireland'

   Laughlin Flinn of Virginia
   By Forrest W. Faris (Virginia? typewritten, 1980's?) - FHB

* FLYNN, FAHERTY: The Descendants of Charles Flynn (Co. Longford) and Margaret Faherty, (Co. Galway)
   and Crawford County, Wisconsin 1850 - 1998
   By Genevieve Marie Curran (Chula Vista, Calfifornia, 1998) - FHB

* FOLAN, FOLEY: Foley - Folan Family History in USA Vol I
   James Foley b. 1827, Galway, m. in Boston
   By Kathy Chellevold (Wisconsin, 2005) - FHB - subsequent vols. not found.

* FOLEY: The John Foleys of Mamaroneck, New York
   b. abt. 1810; mar. Ellen Lane abt. 1831; 4 children; living in New York 1859
   By Roy Haviland Foley (USA, 2002) - FHB

* FOLEY: Michael and Julia Foley Family Record 1848 - 1980

   Michael Foley mar. Julia Barry abt 1846; emigrated bet. 1846 and 1848 to Duchess County New York, later Illinois
   By Edward John Foley (100 copies, Sun City, Arizona, 1980) - FHB

* FONTAINE: Memoirs of a Huguenot Family
   members of the family emigrated from Bere Haven, Co. Cork to Virginia, USA
   By Rev. James Fontaine (New York, London, reprinted from original of 1852) - IA

* FORBES: The Ancestry of William Forbes of Barre, Massachusetts and Montreal, Quebec
   James Forbes of Ulster emigrated to Rutland, Mass. Descendant moved to Montreal
   By Eva Louise Moffatt, Geoffrey Gilbert (50 copies, Victoria, B.C., 1953) - FHB

* FORD, FORDE: Eight Generations: The Story of Our Family

   Patrick Forde mar. Bridget Freeman in Ireland 1852; 3 sons; mar. Mary Hunt, Kiltullagh, Co. Roscommon, 1884; related families: Griffin, Connell, Allen, Linnane, Lynch
   By Dennis Ford (Bloomington, 2011) - FHB

* FORGEY: Andrew Forgey and Margaret Reynolds

   A Scots-Irish Family in America
   By Annette Kapple (Indiana? 2011) - OL

* FORGEY: A Genealogy Report for Charles Lynn Forgey
   By Charles L. Forgey (USA, 2010) - IA

* FORKIN: Descendants of the Forkin Family: Village of Culmore, Kilkelly, County Mayo, Ireland
   Descendants in New Jersey
   Related families: Forkin, Dillon, Phillips, Kilkenny, Molloy, Hallaran, Killeen, Swift, O'Grady, Duffy, Horan, Conry, Somers, Halligan...
   By William T. Conry (Freehold, New Jersey, 1997) - FHB

* FORKIN: Kinship of James Forkin

   of Culmore, Kilkelly, County Mayo; mar. Catherine Murtagh, 1837; descendants in Ireland, USA
   By William Thomas Conry (Ireland or USA, early 2000's) - FHB

* FORSTER: Family of Forster

   John Forster, a native of Co. Antrim, emigrated to America bef. 1722; located in Paxtang township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL


   - Forsyth of Nydie
     Forsayth OF Failzerton, Ayrshire, Scotland and Mardyke, Co. Cork; descendants in USA
     By Forsyth de Fronsac (New Market Virginia, 1888) - OL
   - Memorial of the Family of Forsyth de Fronsac
     Family of Forsyth of Failzerton, County Ayr were obliged to leave Scotland and settled in Ireland - descendants in USA; Forsayeth of Whitechurch House, Cappagh, Co. Waterford; related families in Scotland, New Zealand, Canada and USA
     By Frederick Gregory Forsyth de Fronsac (Boston, 1903) - OL - Scottish Clan Forsyth in: Wikipedia

* FORTUNE: Some Descendants of Thomas Fortune...

   b. Balleygarrett, Co. Wexford emigrated to Ogdensberg, New York, 1848
   By John Austin (Casper, Wyoming, 1988?) - FHB

* FORTUNE: Some North American Descendants of Garrett Fortune

   of County Wexford; 4 children who emigrated to Canada, Rhode Island and New York
   By John M. Austin (USA? 1996) - FHB

* FOSTER: A Family Genealogy
   Compiled by William Henry Beck (Georgia, 1957) - IA

* FOSTER: Foster Genealogy
   By Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago, 1899) - IA
* FOX: Fox Ancestors from New London, Connecticut and Ireland 1802 - 2010
   Fox of Co. Wexford
   Related families: Murtha (Co. Lough), Keating (Cos. Kerry, Cork), Reagan (Co. Cork), O'Keeffe (Co. Waterford)
   By Andre J. Dominguez (Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, 2010) - FHB

* FOX: Fox Tales

   Descendants of James Fox of Glenfarne, Co. Leitrim and Mary Jane Acheson in Manitoba, Ontario, Michigan
   By Grace DeBiasio (Canada? 2007) - FHB

* FRAIN: Frain-Haggerty Family History

   Thomas Frain and James J. Haggerty came from Ballaghadereen, Co. Roscommon; settled in Pennsylvania
   By Winnie Woodhull (USA, 2011) - website

* FRAZER: Notes and Papers of ... Persifor Frazer in Glasslough, Ireland and his son John Frazer of Philadelphia
   1735 to 1765
   By Persifor Frazer (Philadelphia? 1906) - IA

* FREENY: Peter Freeny and his Descendants in America
   of Scots-Irish descent, emigrated 1707 to Maryland
   By Ellis Freeny (Oklahoma City, 1995) - FHB

* FRIEL, O'FRIEL: My Ancestors - Friel and Related Kin

   Morris O'Friel, of Scottish lineage, emigrated with his family to Orange County, Virginia, d. 1778
   By Edwin R. Friel (Tahoe city, California, microfilmed 1986) - FHB

* FULLERTON: Beath Pelham Families
   Beath and Fullerton families from Co. Tyrone
   By Margery Reed Beath Potter aged 81 years (Georgetown? 1870) - FHB

* FULLERTON, SHARP: Geneology of the Fullerton's and Sharp's

   Alexander Fullerton married Mary Sharp in 1766. In 1768 he sailed from Belfast, landed at Philadelphia, and settled at Bridgeport, Pa.
  By Nan Q. Harrah (Pensylvania? 1901?) - FHB

* FULTON: Fulton of Paxtang
   Richard Fulton b. Londonderry, 1706; d. Paxtang township, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, 1774; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL

   Terrence Gaffney b. Mt. Nugent, Co. Cavan, 1813; many Irish born persons mentioned
   By H. Andrew Brown (Los Angeles, 1987) - IA

* GALBRAITH: Galbraith of Donegal
   The sons of John Galbraith of Stirling emigrated to Ireland; John Galbraith, b. north of Ireland, emigrated to Philadelphia; family settled in Donegal township, Chester township; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL

* GALLAGHER: Gallagher Family History
   Tom Gallagher b. Galloway (Galway?) County, Ireland 1810
   Related families: Gallagher, Murtaugh, Costello, O'Brien, Fitzpatrick
   By Charles Richard Churchman (Louisville, Kentucky, 1988) - FHB

   James Gallaher (1730 - 1792) was born in Ireland...
   By Floyd Crockett Stuart (Ogden, Utah, 1999) - FHB

   from 87 years B.C. to 1922 A.D.
   By Esther Caroline Gallemore (Hannibal, Missouri, 1922) - OL

* GALVIN, GALLIVAN: The Vogt - Galvin/Gallinvan Family
   Maurice Gallivan (Galvin) b. Listowel, Co. Kerry, 1801
   Related families: Maloney; Collins
   By Patricia Ann Meis/Frymann (2007) - FHB

* GAMBLE, GAMBELL: The Mount Desert Widow

   Genealogy of the Gamble Family; Thomas Gamble or Gambell from north of Ireland; m. Margaret Scott; 4 children emigrated to America
   By Greenleaf and Jonathan P. Cilley (Maine, 1896) - OL

* GAREY: Garey - From Ireland to Tennessee
   David Garey b. abt. 1790; m. Mary Ann Murphy
   By Connie Copeland Young (Irving, Texas, 2006) - FHB

   Peter Garrison b. Ireland 1701
   By Max Perry (Midland, Texas, 2001) - FHB

* GARVEY: Memories of our Parents, Henry Staples and Mary Garvey
   Mary Garvey's father James Patrick Garvey, b. Roscommon, 1812
   By Teresa Staples Johnson (Boise, Idaho, 1949) - FHB

* GARVIN: Ancestry of Thomas Edgar Garvin
   John Garvin married in Londonderry 1701 Margaret Moore. Four of their children emigrated to America
   By Ford Morris Garvin (Little Rock, Arkansas, 1904?) - FHB

   Robert Gaston b. Co. Antrim, c. 1787
   Related families: McClure of Raphoe, Co. Donegal; McConnaughay
   By Frank E. Reich (St. Louis, Missouri? 2002) - FHB

* GATES: History of the Daily Family
   In America ... traced through the Gates family
   By William Allen Daily (Indianapolis, 1909) - IA

* GAY, GUY: The Gay/Guy families of early Augusta County, Virginia
   William Gay, b. Londonderry, 1680; mar. Margaret Hamilton abt. 1704; 4 sons emigrated to Augusta County
   Related Families: Dunlap, Kinkead/Kincaid, Lockridge, McFarland, McKee, Parkinson, Rhea, Stevenson, Walters, etc.
   By Robert B. Walters (Cary, North Carolina, 2001) - FHB - VERY LARGE FILE!

* GEDDES: Geddes

   Henry Geddes and his wife Jannet came to America in 1736 from Cramfields, Co. Down; part of a collection of inter-related family histories
   By Samuel Small, Jr. (Philadelphia, 1905) - OL

* GIBSON: Capt. James Gibson and Anna Belle, his wife and their descendants
   Pioneers of Youngstown, Ohio; James, of Scottish lineage, emigrated 1760 from Ireland to Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
   By William T. Gibson (USA, 189?) - FHB

* GIBSON: Gibson Genealogy
   Scots-Irish family
   By Sarah Davidage Gibson (USA, 1915) - HT

* GILBERT: Big Jim Holland
   Holland mar. Sarah Gilbert, dau. of Col. William Gilbert, in 1780, 7 children
   By Nathaniel Cheairs Hughes, Jr. (Chattanooga, Tennessee, 2000) - FHB

* GILL: The Descendants of Matthew Gill

   Matthew Gill b. County Tyrone, 1712/13; emigrated to New Jersey
   By Anna May Taylor (Sepulveda, California, 1975) - FHB

* GILLILAND: An illustrated, historical and biographical sketch of the descendants of William Cowden who migrated from Ireland to America about A.D. 1730 and of James Gilliland who came from the same land and about the same time
   Including a System of Charts
   Related families: CowdenGilliland
   Places in Ireland: North Ireland
   By Robert Cowden (Dayton, Ohio, 1915) - OL

* GOODE: William Mason Goode, Mary Catherin Fry, Dublin, Ireland
   - Virginia - Missouri - Young County, Texas; From there to here; 1829 - 1983
   By Cloma McDuff Britt (Asle, Texas, 1983) - FHB

* GORDON: The Gordons of Salterhill and their Irish Descendants

   beginning with Rev. James Gordon of Comber, Co. Down with descendants in Virginia
   By J. M. Bulloch (Privately printed, Keith, Scotland, 1910) - OL

* GORMLEY: Family Records of the Descendants of James Gormley

   of County West Meath who settled in America 1845
   By John Falls Gormley (Chicago, 1920) - FHB

   A collection of Goudy Families - in Ireland, Goudy, Gowdie of Newtownards; emigrant families from Ireland in America
   By Hon Mahlon M. Gowdy; Ed. by Rev. G. T. Ridlon, Sr. (Lewiston, Maine, 1919) - OL

* GRACE: The Grace Family from Kilkenny, Ireland
   Ancestors of Ruth May Grace Moriarity, b. Denver, Colorado....
   By R.M.G. Moriarity (Denver? 2010) - website

* GRACE, CRENAN: The Graces of Louisiana

   Edmund Grace, b. Uskerty, Co. Kilkenny, 1803; mar. Mary Crenan, 1828
   By Joseph McDowell Campbell Jr. (Chelsea, Michigan, 1998) - FHB

* GRAY: Gray Genealogy

   Sketches of Gray families, some Irish, Scotch-Irish; Index
   By M. D. Raymond (Tarrytown, New York, 1887) - FHB

* GRAY: Gray of Paxtang

   John Gray, b. Co. Antrim, 1698; emigrated to America abt. 1730; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL

* GRAYDON: A Family Retrospect

   Alexander Graydon, the first of his name in America, was born in Longford, 1708, of Scotch-Irish parents, graduated Dublin University; settled Philadelphia
   By Mary Ellen Graydon Sharpe (Personal Edition, Indianapolis, 1909) - OL

* GREGG: A Crane's Foot or Pedigree of Branches of the Gregg, Stuart, Robertson, Dobbs and Allied Families

   Related families: Gregg (Belfast), Stuart (Larne), Young
   By Eugene Stuart Gregg, Jr. (Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, 1975) - FHB

* GREGG, CURTIN: Gregg and Curtin

   Hon. Andrew Gregg, Senator - 'my parents were both natives of Ireland'...; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL

* GREENLEE: Genealogy of the Greenlee Families: in America, Scotland, Ireland and England...
   By Ralph Stebbins Greenlee (Privately printed (copy no 95), Chicago, 1908) - OL

* GREER: The Clarke Family
   ...Duncan Clarke of County Tyrone... on mother's side... whose name was Greer, residents also of County Tyrone
   By Lena M. Nieman (Los Angeles, California, 1905) -OL

* GREER: Descendants of Samuel Greer and Rebecca Howard Greer

   Howard Greer b. Ireland abt. 1754, d. Nelson County, Kentucky, 1820
    By Errol Lee Greer (USA, 2009) - FHB

* GRIFFITTS: Genealogical Tables of the Griffitts Family 1752 - 1887

   Thomas Griffitts, Quaker, b. Cork, emigrated to Jamaica, then Philadelphia; 3 times Mayor of Philadelphia; Judge of Supreme Court
   By Frank Peel Griffitts (Lancaster, Philadlephia, 1887) - FHB

* GRUBB: Grubb Families of America - The Irish Family

   A family tree
   By George F. P. Wanger (Pottstown, Pennsylvania, 1914) - IA

* GURLEY: The History and Genealogy of the Gurley Family
   including William Gurley of Wexford, Ireland afterwards of Milan, Ohio
   By Albert E. Gurley (Hartford, Connecticut, 1897) - IA

* HACKETT: My Travels - A Family Story
   ...not a family history... 1828 immediately after my marriage, I sail from Cork, Ireland with my husband for Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land; returned to Ireland 1841; emigrated to America
   By Maria Hackett, edited by her son (Albany, New York, 1912) - OL

* HADLEY: Hadley Family Genealogy
   Irish Branch of the Hadley Family from Alexander Hadley 1400 A.D.; Joseph Hadley b. Ireland 1698; emigrated to Delaware; Quaker
   By Marvin P. Hunt (1991) - FHB

* HAGGERTY: Frain-Haggerty Family History

   Thomas Frain and James J. Haggerty came from Ballaghadereen, Co. Roscommon; settled in Pennsylvania
   By Winnie Woodhull (USA, 2011) - website

* HAMILTON: Antecedents and Descendants of Margaret Ann Rhoades Smith
   James Hamilton, b. Co. Tyrone 1761 (mother's name possibly McHaffey or McHaffie) emigrated to Philadelphia, took the oath to support the Colonies in 1781
   Related families: Cochran, Ramsey
   By Frances Smith Brownlee, George Willson White (Wichita, Kansas, 1957) - FHB

* HAMILTON: Descendants of the John Hamilton Family of Cold Spring, New York

   b. 1819 in Ireland, probably of Scotch-Irish lineage
   By Robert E Pretat, Jr. (Tampa, Florida, 1986) - FHB

* HAMILTON: Hamilton Family

   John Hamilton b. Co. Tyrone, 1702; d. New London Cross-roads, Chester county, Pennsylvania; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL

* HAMILTONThe Hamilton Family
   Extract from 'Our Family Ancestors'; Elizabeth Hamilton came from Ireland; mar. 1st Rankin; 2nd Richard Clayton; 3rd Archibald McNeil, Sr. 1737
   By Thomas Maxwell Potts (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, 1895) - OL

* HAMILTON: Hamilton - Long Story: Ireland to America
   from Tullyard, Co. Tyrone; William Hamilton mar. Eliza Patterson, 1855; descendants in Ireland, USA, Canada
   by Barbara Ellen (Hamilton) Gillett (McCook, Nebraska, 1992) - FHA

* HAMILTON: Genealogies and Reminiscences

   Compiled by Henrietta Hamilton McCormick (Chicago, 1897) - OL

* HAMILTON: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Hugh Hamilton

   who emigrated with his widowed mother to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, later North Carolina; mar. abt. 1760 Margaret Dickson
   By James Alexander Hamilton (Indianapolis, 1921) - FHB

* HAMILTON: Some Historic Families of South Carolina

   By Frampton Erroll Ellis (Atlanta, Georgia, 1905) - OL

* HANLON, HANDLIN, O'BRIEN: The Descendants of Bartholomew F. Hanlon and Mary A. O'Brien

   Bartholomew Handlin, laborer,  b. Ireland 1816; emigrated abt. 1839
   By Steven Andrew Gerrity; Arleen Craig Ellis (Lakewood, New Jersey, Vacaville, California, 1996) - FHB

* HANNA: A History of the Hanna Family

   Being a Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Hanna and Elizabeth (Henderson) who emigrated to America in 1763
   By Charles Elmer Rice (Damascus, Ohio, 1905) - IA

* HANNA: The House of Hanna

   By Sarah A. Hanna (Brookville, Indiana, 1906) - OL

* HANNA: Kith and Kin

   Genealogical Data of (various) Families
   By Willis Milnor Dixon (Los Angeles, 1922) - OL

* HARNEY: Descendants of Richard Harney, Sr. of Eastern Canada
   b. Clonmel, County Tipperary, 1761; m. Catherine Murray; descendants in United States
   By Edmund M. Harney (Portland, Oregon, from original "Annals of the Harney Family" 1890, revised 1993) - FHB

* HARNEY: Some Harneys from U.S. Naturalization Index

   Compiled by L. MacDonald (USA, 1989) - FHB

* HARRIGAN: see Carey


   - The Harris and Dunlop Families
      In the 1700's Edward Harris and his wife Flora Douglas left England and settled in the North of Ireland; descendants John and Jean Harris came to America
      By Nancy D. Orbison (USA, 1907) - FHB
   - Our Kith and Kin or, A History of The Harris Family
     John Harris and Eleanor Reynolds were parishioners of Rev. Thomas Clark, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan
     By Mary Letitia Chalmers (Charlotte, North Carolina, 1895) - OL
   - The Personal and Family History of Charles Hooks and Margaret Monk Harris
     By James Coffee Harris (Rome GA, 1911) - HT
   - Record of the Harris Family
     of Wiltshire, England then Co. Antrim bef. 1717; emigrated to Pennsylvania 1740's
     By Joseph S. Harris (Philadelphia, 1903) - FHB

* HARRISON: Descendants of Francis Harrison
   probably b. County Monaghan; m. Mrs. Graham of Tullywinney, Co. Monaghan
   By Victoria MacDonald Harrison (Polson, Montana, 1991) - FHB


   - Joseph Hart and his Descendants
     of Scotch-Irish descent
     By Rev. C. C. Hart (St. Louis, Missouri, 1901) - FHB
   - Hart of America x 2 in: O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees Vol I

* HARVEY: Descendants of Robert Harvey
   of Inishowen, Co. Donegal; descendants in Nottingham, Rockingham, New Hampshire
   By Unknown author (Computer generated, USA, early 21st century) - website

* HARVEY: A Journal of a Voyage from Philadelphia to Cork 1809

   Together with a Description of a Sojourn in Ireland
   By Margaret B. Harvey with a Supplement by her Grand-daughter Dora Harvey Develin (Philadelphia, 1915) - OL

* HASTY: Daniel Hasty and Descendants

   Daniel Hasty b. probably in Londonderry, Ireland 1685, d. Scarborough, Maine
   By Warren H. Hasty (USA, 2004) - FHB

* HAUGHEY: A History of the Haughey and Allied Families

   Descendants and Antecedents of Luke Haughey, emigrant from Ireland - b. Lough Orn, Newry, Co. Down, 1820
   By Dr. William Henry Haughey; Dr. Winfrid Haughey (Battle Creek, Michigan, early 20th century?) - FHB

   - Hawkins of Wisconsin, USA in: O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees Vol II

* HAY, HAYS: Hay or Hays Family
   John Hays of Co. Tyrone emigrated abt. 1740; settled Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL

* HAYDEN, FLANAGAN: The Presence of the Past
   Thomas Hayden from Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny, mar. Unknown, abt. 1787; Haydens probably originally Austro-German
   By Michael Hayden (Saskatoon, SK, Canada, 1996) - FHB

* HAZLITT: Four Generations of a Literary Family Vol I - 
Vol II
   The Hazlitts in England, Ireland and America
   By Carew Hazlitt (London, New York, 1897) - IA

   - Healion of Ireland and America in: Addenda O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees Vol II

* HEARD: The Southern Heard Family
   John Heard and the children he had with his late wife Margaret McDonald moved from Co. Tyrone to Hanover Co. Virginia 1720
   By Marguerite Lester Malone (USA, 1985) - FHB

* HEMPHILL: Descendants of William Hemphill

   b. Tyrone 1772; settled in Northampton, New Brunswick, Canada; descendants in Canada, USA; mention of County Antrim Hemphills
   By Annie Currie Dyer (Woodstock, New Brunswick, 1974) - FHB

* HENRY: The History of the Henry Family of "Flower Hill" Ireland
   and their Descendants with Genealogical Sketches
   By Margaret Birdenia Henry and Mattie Henry Miller (Los Angeles, 1926) - HT

* HENSHAW, HINSHAW: A History of Henshaw - Hinshaw Origins

   Of England and Ireland who settled in USA
   By Gil Hinshaw (Hobbs, New Mexico, 1999) - FHB

* HENSHAW, HINSHAW: The Hinshaw and Henshaw Families

   William Hinshaw b. Co. Tyrone abt. 1740; feint
   By William Hinshaw; Ed. Milo Custer (Bloomington, Illinois, 1911) - FHB

* HERBERT: Genealogical Notes

   of the Thomas family of Maryland
   By Lawrence Buckley Thomas (Baltimore, 1877) - OL

* HERLIHY: The Murphy Herlihy Families 1835 - 1992

   numerous photographs, pedigrees; families from Cork some of whom emigrated to USA
   By Paul Callanan; Lou Murphy (Cork; Santa Clara, California, 1992) - FHB

* HERRON: Ancestors of Mary Herron

   Related families: Herron, Frazier, Adair, Mayne, Bell, Boggs, McPherson, Bigger, Browning, Davis
   By John O. Rasmussen, Louise B. Rasmussen (Berkeley, California, 2000) - FHB

* HERRON: Descendants of Unknown Herron
   Margaret, dau. of Unknown Herron, b. Ireland, bet. 1786 - 1787
   By Cathy Joynt Labath and others (updated 2006) - Celtic Cousins website

* HICKEY: The John 'Sean Gabha' Hickey Family of Knockduff, Cullen, Co. Cork

   descendants in Ireland, USA, Australia
   Related families: Brosnan; O'Connor; Cronin, Looney, Buckley, Howard, Sweeney
   By Donald Patrick Brosnan (Tucson, Arizona, 1998) - FHB


   - The Andersons of Rowlett's Creek
     John Hinkson in Kentucky history b. vicinity of Belfast Ireland about 1740/50; family is said to have originated in Germany - possibly Palatines? Also mention of Patrick Martin Mangan b. Doohoma, Ballina, Co. Mayo, 1939
     By W. Clytes Anderson Cullar; Jerry M. Flook (Dallas, Texas, 1973) - FHB
   - Some Records of Benjamin Harrison, A Revolutiionary War Soldier and his Son-in-Law William Hinkson
     John Hinkson (see previous) was b. in Ireland, came to America when young, located in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, later Kentucky 1775
     By Isabel Stebbins Giulvezan (Affton, Missouri, 1973) - FHB

* HINSHAW: Thomas Hinshaw "The Little Irish Weaver" and Others
   Thomas Hinshaw arrived at Cane Creek, North Carolina, 1793; son of John and Elizabeth Hinshaw of Charlemont, Co. Tyrone
   By John E. Hinshaw (Emporia, Kansas, 1911) - OL

* HITCHCOCK: Samuel Hitchcock of Chautauqua Co. New York

   his descendants and related families; b. Co. Cork, 1801; mar. Jane Johnston dau. of Richard Johnston of the police force, Co. Cork
   By Gloria Magdalene Hitchcock Morrison (USA, late 20th century) - FHB

The Hobson Family
   Extract from 'Our Family Ancestors'; Francis Hobson, Quaker, b. abt. 1686; produced a Certificate to Newark monthly Meeting 1712 from the Grange near Charlemount, Ireland
   By Thomas Maxwell Potts (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, 1895) - OL

* HODGE: Memoranda of Family History
   a Scotch-Irish family
   Dictated by Hugh L. Hodge, M.D., LL.D. (Philadelphia, 1903) - IA

* HODGE: The Direct Forefathers and all the Descendants of Richardson Sands

   section on the Hodge Scotch Irish family who lived near Londonderry
   By Benjamin Aymar Sands (50 copies, New York, 1916) - OL

* HOFFMAN: The Hoffman Family
   descendants of Elias Hoffman and Elizabeth Sanders of Ballymacgelligott, Co. Kerry settled with 4 of their children in Fayston, Vermont bef. 1858; possibly a Palatine family
   By Maudean Neill, CG; Nancy Seaver Bussey (Montpelier, Vermont, 1997) - FHB

* HOLE: A History of the Hole Family in England and America

   With mention of Hole in Ireland (of Castle Hole), also the BerryHannaChambersNicholson and Miller families - all of Irish extraction
   By Charles Elmer Rice (Alliance, Ohio, 1904) - OL

* HOLLINGER: Out of County Monaghan, Ireland: the Family of Samuel and Martha Nesbitt Hollinger

   of Claddagh, Dramore, Co. Monaghan; emigrated 1867 to Troy, New York, later Nevada
   Related families: Hollinger, Nesbitt, Harris
   By Corrine Fullerton Shumway (USA, digital 2009) - FHB

* HOLLINGSWORTH: Ancestors and Descendants of the James Family, the Hollingsworth Family

   Henry Hollinsworth of Balleniskcrannel, in the Parish of Segoe and Armagh
   By Ernest C. James (Sacramento, 1996) - FHB

* HOLLINGSWORTH: Descendants of Frederick Hollingsworth - An Irish Immigrant

   b. Ballinakill, Co. Wexford, abt. 1805; emigrated to Cincinnati, Ohio 1829, later Indiana
   By Rachel Hollingsworth Higginbotham from Material by Harry Hollingsworth, C.G., R.G. (USA, 1992) - FHB


   - Hollingsworth - Genealogical Memoranda in the United States from 1682 - 1884
     This book starts with Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr. - given as b. prob. England - see next book
     By William B. Hollingsworth (Baltimore, Maryland, 1884) - FHB
   - Descendants of Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr.
     Quaker, b. Bellenskcrannel, Ireland, mar. twice, 11 children; emigrated 1682
     By Joseph Adger Stewart; Emma Plunkett Ivy (1st printing Louisville, Kentucky, 1925; 2nd printing Atlanta Georgia, 1976) - FHB

* HOPKINS: A Chapter of Hopkins Genealogy
   A Scotch-Irish family
   By Ella Warren Harrison (Chicago, 1905) - OL

* HORAN: A History of the Horan Family: From Ireland to America

   By Michael J. Horan (Laramie, Wyoming, 2004) - FHB

* HORTON: Toner McBride King O'Dowd Horton McGough 1795 to 2000

   Ireland Minnesota and Beyond; All immigrated from Ireland
   By Margo Horton-Davis (Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2000) - FHB

* HOSKINS, HASKINS, HOSKINE, HOSKIN, HOSKINGS, HODGEKINS: William Hoskins of Plymouth Colony and some of his Descendants: a Family History

   b. (Aghadown?) Co. Cork bet. 1606 and 1616
   Related families: Hoskins, Winthrop, Powlden
   By Rawlene Briar LeBaron Harris, James Orris Harris (USA, 2009) - FHB

* HOUSTON: Brief Biographical Accounts of Many Members of the Houston Family

   Accompanied by a Genealogical Table. John Houston married a Miss Cunningham and emigrated to Pennsylvania about 1735
   By Rev. Samuel Rutherford Houston, D.D.,  Doris E. Greenwood (Cincinnati, 1882) - FHB

* HOWARD: The Direct Forefathers and all the Descendants of Richardson Sands

   section on the Howard family of Arklow, Co. Wicklow
   By Benjamin Aymar Sands (50 copies, New York, 1916) - OL

* HUGHES: From Virginia to Georgia, Henry Hughes 1756 - 1814; Patriot of the Continental Line
   b. Ireland
   By Joseph Douglas Cawley, Jacqueline Boss-Cawley (Centenial, Colorado, 2006) - FHB

* HUMPHREYS: The Humphreys Family in America
  from England, Ireland
  by Frederick Humphreys, M.D. (New York, 1885) - OL

   a Scotch-Irish family from Saintfield, Co. Down. Nathaniel Hunter married Ann Porter of the same parish 1768 and inherited property from John Sinclair of Saintfield
   By Nathaniel Hunter (Urbana, Ohio? 1905) - IA

* HUNTER: Hunter Family Records
   Andrew Hunter of County Londonderry, Ireland was born in 1640...
   By William M. Clemens (New York, 1914) - OL

* HUNTER: The English and Scotch Immigrant Ancestors of the Clapp-Cheney Family

   including Scotch-Irish
   By Charles Henry Pope (Compiled and Printed for The Family Only, Boston, 1900) - OL

* HUNTER: The Robert and Keziah Hunter Family of Sligo

   By Edna J. Hunter-King; Daniel B. Hunter (San Diego, California, 1998) - FHB

* HUSTON, HOUSTON: Genealogy of some Branches of the Families of Huston...
   Archibald Huston and wife Rebecca Pepper members of the Methodist Society; emigrated to Virginia; family members John and Isabella Huston in Darkley, Ireland
   By James Archibald Huston; Amanda Wilkin Huston (Swickley, Pennsylvania, 1914) - OL

* HYLAND: Rayn and Related Families

   George Walter Hyland b. 1901 Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim
   By Diana DeMello Stuck (Elk Grove, California) - FHB

* HYNES: Our Pioneer Ancestors

   Born in the North of Ireland: William Hynes, James Dunn, Robert McKee, John McKee, William McKee, Michael Finley, William Finley, Giles Letcher, John Houston, Robert Houston
   Scotch Irish families: Brewster, Cunningham, Williamson, Culbertson, Dunlap, Logan, Davidson
   By Emma Hynes Riggs; Henry Earle Riggs (Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1941) - Borrow this book from OL

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